Friday, 31 July 2015

Location, Location, Location!

How brilliant would it be to be on Location, Location, Location and get Phil and Kirsty to find us our new Evesham Castle Greysquirrel? I must have a look and see how to apply!!!!! I bet they’ve never had to find a house for three exacting monkeys before!!!
IMG_2450Meanwhile,  Darrell has been doing a pretty impressive imitation of Phil and found us a humoungously, seeped in history, house for us on his own ……. Bengeworth Manor!!!!
IMG_2451Can you imagine how impossibly romantic it would be to live in a real life, proper Manor, that once owned by King Canute, an Earl, three Sirs, a Baron, a Reverend and a Co????  Darrell said we’d almost certainly be crowned Lords of the Manor once we’ve moved in! Darrell is also very excited at the prospect of adding our names to the list of previous/present owners!
abDarrell is also imagining how mahoooosively haunted the Manor must be and how rude it would look not to invite Derek Acorah over, again once we’d moved in, for tea and to discuss the matter and to see if he can “feel” anything!
I think Darrell needs to calm down a little an awful lot, I have looked at the price …… and all I can say is that it is most considerably out of our budget …… so our ordination into the Barony of Bengeworth  and Derek’s invitation to tea are firmly on hold and we must look for a place a little more ordinary!
“An historic grade II* listed house, reputed to be of early medieval origin, but with much later work and formally the Manor of Bengeworth and the home of the Priors of Evesham Abbey. It has a massive lateral chimney with the base projecting to street and doorway on return side, which is probably circa. 15th century with iron-studded ledged door and early wrought iron knocker, circa. 15th century moulded ceiling beams in living room, a cusp-headed stoup set into the wall on the 1st floor and a blocked Norman arch in rear wall at ground storey having zig-zag mouldings. The kitchen has a range of modern units, granite worktops and access to the enclosed courtyard gardens, which also provides parking. The outlook to the front is delightful and the cottage is close to many amenities including shops and the Regal Cinema


Mr.D said...

Ask the current owners if they will do a straight swap for a castle near Wolverhampton.
Lord Darrell of PG Tips?

King Canute, an Earl, three Sirs, a Baron, a Reverend and a Co followed by three monkeys?
Co as in "Legs and Co?"

Anonymous said...

With you on the Phil and Kirsty thing - good thinking. It will certainly be a unique project for them, can't say I've ever seen them hunting down a humble abode for three wise monkeys. JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Always Dream Large, Darrell can't hurt!......lovely romantic daydream to be Lord of the Manor and get Mr. Acorah's insight to anything lurking around!.....but beware of all the responsibilities that go with a manor .....romantic descriptions of Evesham property abound so with a little patience, a new Castle Greysquirrel will be there at the right time......Love your dreams!...Dianne

PharmacyMichele said...

I think a lottery win might be needed to buy the Manor. Applying to Locstion, Location, Location would be do much fun & you would entertain the public if you were chosen.