Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Don’t Go There Darrell ……..

Darrell has discovered Evesham’s medieval stocks, which are considered to be very much a “listed building”, on one of his afternoon mooches.
IMG_2596But if I were Nigel I think I might be a little wary.Evesham StocksAlthough I am pretty sure they are very securely protected ……
Evesham Stocks.….. I still wouldn’t put it past Darrell to suggest that Nigel try them out for size!
Old Evesham StocksSo, with this in mind, I have told Darrell quite firmly and robustly that if anything nefarious does go on, and they are caught, we could find that our application for Evesham citizenship, could very well be denied, and without reprise …….  and then where would all our hopeful plans be, so think on young man!!!!! 


Mr.D said...

Stock cubes.
Stocks and shares.
Lock, stock and barrel.
Stock in trade.
Film stock.
Virginia stock flower.
Rolling stock.

Quite a list of stocks for Nigel.

PharmacyMichele said...

UIh oh-I wonder who will be the first to try them out-Nigel or Darrell??!!!


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, all the way across the pond I can see Darrell enveloped in a cloud of temptation.....wise caution regarding the thought of losing Evesham citizenship; that would be unthinkable......hoping any plans for the stock have been thwarted!.....Dianne