Thursday, 30 January 2014

Nigel Accepts A Very Kind Invitation

The Geography Department at work is very fond of Nigel, as he is always finding them little leftover morsels in the kitchen to pop into their lunchboxes before they go off on their many Geographical fieldtrips to look at things of a meandering tributary or perched erratic type nature …..
…… and as a small “thank you” they had invited him to their annual Christmas meal last night …… a little late for Christmas perhaps but when you do so many aforementioned fieldtrips, it’s hard to fit in an aforementioned Christmas meal!
Nigel was told that he should avail himself of the special three course menu offer …. and think nothing of having a starter, main and pudding, it was their treat  ….. and as such he started with the lamb koftas …..
…… moving swiftly on to the haddock fishcakes ……
….. and finishing off with a crescendo of lemon curd sponge and gelato,  whilst listening to the banter of fieldtrips to follow ….. Broad Haven and Blencathra sounded sooooooooo romantic …. but it was the tales of Iceland that had him putting his spoon down to listen and dream of seeing “live” volcanoes and geysers, bathing in the Blue Lagoon and lounging in hot tubs ……. he’d give anything to go on that trip ………and wondered if he should “up” his contributions in the lunchbox titbit stakes, just in case an extra space should become available that needed filling!!!!


Mr.D said...

How wonderful for Nigel (and mum) to be invited. I hope none of the Geography department arrived late, having got lost after having trouble with the map - or do they all have sat-nav?
The extra space of the Iceland trip wouldn't have to be very big in Nigel's case. Do they do monkey passports these days?

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful thank you dinner......... Nigel is the man of the hour time and time again as he goes above and beyond his duties..... what a trooper! no one could do it better...Once again, Hooray for dear Nigel!........Dianne
PS Being a world traveler would suit Nigel to a tee!

marc said...

Nigel is so small he could stow away in a purse or under a woolly hat and no one would even know he was there you go Nigel its your destiny to travel and what will they do when your there they cant send you home on your own find a hat to hide in I would if I was small big love marc