Monday, 7 July 2014

A Gift Of A Jam Type Nature.

Last night we received a text from the PE Lady saying that she had been pottering in the kitchen as you do on a Sunday afternoon and had made some strawberry jam, using some of the real strawberries that she had picked that morning and wondered  perchance if we would like to avail ourselves of one of her spare jars.
Well, as you know we don’t need to be asked twice where comestibles are concerned and so Darrell was immediately tasked to text back a resounding “Mais oui, mais oui, et nom, nom, nom!”
And when Nigel arrived first at work this morning, there it was waiting on the desk for us, complete with a note from the aforementioned and much loved PE Lady.
I am afraid the excitement got the better of the little fella and going against all the stringent rules of hygiene that we have always tried to instil in him, he just couldn’t resist trying just a tiny weeny morsel, without a serving utensil ……. what is he like? His verdict? Well, I feel a review of a strawberry preserve type nature coming on ……. ideally accompanied with, perhaps, a few scones and thick double cream!!!?????


Mr.D said...

Well done PE lady. I bet it tastes great, even if it is a little runny.

Den said...

C'est comme la confiture fran├žaise. Plus runny, mais vraiment bonne! ELD xx

Anonymous said...

The PE Lady does know the way to Nigel's heart...... a gift to savor again and again....lucky you, so thoughtful of your dear PE Lady!......Dianne

Anonymous said...

My mouth is watering at the very reading of this blog. Hold that strawberry cream tea - I'm coming on over. JantheFan x