Monday, 28 July 2014

Hmmm, Not Such A Brilliant Plan

Darrell had been shopping after work and came home full of the joys of the barbeque season having purchased two “instant” barbecues at a “bargain” price …. “Get your bangers and chops out Monkey!” he yelled “ ….. for tonight we shall feast greatly!”
So while I rummaged in the fridge for said bangers and chops and a couple of other barbecuable delicacies, Darrell and Nigel went into the garden to set about lighting the aforementioned  “instant” and “bargain” barbecues, their mouths watering, as a hearty barbecue is well up there on our Richter Scale of summer comestible noms.
This, I may hasten to add occurred at around 3.30, with a more than ample sufficiency of time for the charcoal to start burning ……. well, that was the theory ….
They say that a watched kettle never boils, well I think I can now safely say neither does an “instant” or “bargain” barbecue ….
…… because no matter how much Nigel and Darrell encouraged Darrell’s “bargains” very little happened …..
…… and I have to give them their due, their diligence did not falter, however by 7.30 it was patently obvious that the chances of having any glowing embers hot enough on which to cook our belated tea, now turned supper, were non existent ……
……… so I felt I had to take the executive decision to tell Darrell that perhaps the bangers and chops would be best cooked inside instead, rather than risk the distinct possibility of us all going to bed hungry if we waited any longer!


Mr.D said...

Better luck next time.

Di said...

OMG - we just almost wet ourselves here! Wonder how many similar events have occurred all over the land recently :)

We usually stick to a tin or jar of Frankfarters and some mahoosive finger rolls boys. Summick isn't the same admittedly but them BBQs aren't all they're cracked up to be either - unless you use rocket fuel - never a good idea ............... WHOOOOOOSH!!

Love, Hank and Marvin (calling from outer space right now) xxx

Anonymous said...

Bummer!!....sometimes you have to give up and face the disappointing truth.....sad isn't it, when your happy plans go astray......hope you had a nice tea after all...Dianne