Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The PE Lady’s Strawberry Jam– A Robustly Honest Review

We have received several e-mails from followers asking us about the PE Lady’s Jam and anxiously wanting to know when we were going to review it ….. well, todays the day folks!
We decided that we would keep the review simple and the jam as unsullied as possible, scones and jam would have been a tempting option, as would a Victoria sponge,  but after a little debate, which at times became heated, we decided that a good old, plain jam sandwich made with just wholemeal bread and best butter, would allow us to maximise all the jam’s flavour potential.
The PE Lady had said that she was worried that the jam was a little runny, but PE Lady,  we found no evidence of that whatsoever …..
…… the jam was of the most perfect and glorious consistency for spreading …..
….. with a generously ample sufficiency of lovely plump strawberries and just the right level of mushy, syrupiness.
To be honest, without even taking a single bite, we all declared it to be sheer poetry on a slice of bread.
But, when we each took our aforementioned first bite ……..
…….. it was a rhapsody ……
……… a symphony ………… in fact it was the best jam we’ve ever eaten!
Oh PE Lady ……. what can we say …… but truly, madly, deeply  nom, nom, nom …….
….. perfection of a strawberry preserve type nature …… and totally not worthy of our paltry Richter Scale of noms!!!


Mr.D said...

Well done PE lady!
I don't think the jar will last very long.
My mouth is watering....

Di said...

And I bet you all just woofed it ALL down without thinking to save some for Hugh and Marc's afternoon tea ceremonies when they come to stay?!

Hugs (we would have too!!), Hank and Marvin xx

Anonymous said...

It truly looks like a strawberry symphony......luscious and delicious no matter how it is eaten!.....Noms and more noms galore!!.....Dianne

marc said...

Darlings dont eat all that jam as one just loves it and would love to sample P E ladies mums wears on a little scone or two big Air kisses and and show biz wave Hugh