Friday, 4 July 2014

Darrell is Robustly Impressed

Shazam, Darrell’s best mate from work has bought a new car and couldn’t wait to bring it round to show it off to Darrell ……
DSC00101…….. and to double check to see if it was de rigueur enough to meet Darrell’s de rigueur standards.

Let’s just say that Darrell was just a teensy bit green with envy!

“If I could drive, this would be the car for me ….” he declared, “….. only in red and with dangly dice in the front!”
“There is something so very, very romantic about a convertible, being able to drive along with the wind in your hair, sun glasses akimbo and your right elbow resting at a jaunty, devil may care angle on the open window, the sun glinting on your watch!” he sighed
Shazam proudly showed Darrell the engine, but this wasn’t quite so impressive or romantic!
And then, before you knew it, they were off for a test drive, Darrell still in his slippers would you believe, which I pointed out later was far from de rigueur for two rufty tufty boys out to impress……….. but Darrell just brushed it off with a shrug, saying that he was confident in his own skin, and could “quite frankly” carry off the slippered look, “with aplomb”!  What is he like?
But sadly there was none of this hair blowing in the wind, sun roof malarkey …..DSC00120……. as it was pouring with rain and Shazam was certainly not going to get his newly steamed upholstery (which I noted was in Wolves colours), damp!
As Darrell got out of the car he let out the most humungous sigh, I can see that there’s going to be no doing with him for a few days until the novelty (and aforementioned envy) has worn off ……!!!


Anonymous said...

Boyz and their toyz - yawn...yawn...but only after you made me smile in the blog - so not really complaining! Whatever floats your boat - or in this case - Revs your Engine! JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

“There is something so very, very romantic about a convertible, being able to drive along with the wind in your hair." Agreed but first I would have to get a convertible and second, some hair in which the wind could blow.

Mr.D said...

P.S. I see the web hosting says I am in Chihuahua. I have been to Chihuahua but I sam not there now. I note the last visitor 44 minutes ago (not me, by the way)is in Mexico too - León, Guanajuato, which is famous for leather goods.

Anonymous said...

Aahhhh, convertible matter how young or old, they evoke so many images for most of us......I have ridden in a convertible with my hair blowing in the wind and that wind was a lot stronger than you think!.......going 45 or 50mph is like being in a wind tunnel; most of the time your hair is uncontrollable and in your face! ......Darrell, you do look wonderful in that sporty car!....Dianne