Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Share A Coke, Not Quite …. But Almost

Darryl Darrell came back from town in an absolute state of flux, as he’d “almost” found his name in amongst all the “Share a coke” bottles in the big Tesco in town and had therefore felt compelled to make an extra considered purchase, which had then started him musing that perhaps DARRYL was now the de rigueur and a la mode way to spell DARRELL, and perhaps he really ought to start spelling his name in the new fashion and perhaps even changing his name by deed poll!
I told him that it would all be far too complicated and anyway, replacing “ell”’s with “yl”’s was a sloppy trend that even Hugh, his best friend and mentor who lives the showbiz life in Notting Hill would poo poo, as something that would date him horribly as he got older. 
Darrell (2)
But, that didn’t stop Nigel wondering if his name could be altered to be more en trend…. Nigyl perhaps? But then he worked out that he had enough trouble writing the “g” his name the right way around without the further complication of another squiggly letter with a loopy tail!
Picture1So “Nigel” remains “Nigel” thank goodness ….. but now poor Darrell is on a mission to find Nigel a said “Nigel” bottle as Nigel has now set his heart on having a special bottle with his name on!  I give up!  Why does life have to be so complicated and highfaluting at times?


Mr.D said...

Why not change his name to Coca-Cola and be done with it?
Alternatives would be:
Vanilla or

Anonymous said...

Personally like the double r's and double l's and Nigel , well one can only think of him as the tried and true, NIGEL.......I know Hugh can sort this all out and declare their names classic de rigueur and unforgettable just as they have always been!.....Dianne