Thursday, 3 July 2014

Unlimited Peas and Chips ……

Nigel was almost beside himself when he spotted this sign outside a local hostelry that he passes every day on his way to work ….
In fact,  so excited was he that the following day he insisted on dragging me past to look and gaze in wonder too …..
“Look, look, look, look ….” he yelped “…..unlimited fish, chips and peas, OMG, OMG, OMG  …… if I take £3.89 out of my money ……. can we go, can we go, can we go…… pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?”
It indeed appeared to be a most enticing offer, however I did think I ought to check out the small print first before committing to anything,   …. but, what I was looking for was all in the large print “Nigel” I said “I hate to burst your gourmet bubble,  but if you look carefully it actually says fish and unlimited chips and peas!”
But Nigel’s natural exuberance could not be quashed “Nom, nom, nom” he woofed “It’s still a most wonderful bargain …. I shall just eat my fish very carefully to make it last longer in between all the unlimited chips and peas ….. a dash of tomato sauce, a splash of vinegar, a touch of salt and pepper  ….. and I shall be king for the day!”
But then he went a little quiet and I saw a thought cross his mind and his visibly brow furrowed …… “ Unlimited chips and peas is OK if you eat in,” he reasoned “because you can keep on going up to the counter and ask for a few more, but ……. if you took the takeaway option …… how would that work, as it was quite a way from Castle Greysquirrel to come back to ask for more, and what if they didn’t remember you  …..???” “Hmmmm” he hmmmmmmm’ed “… eat in then, as my tummy knows no limits when it come to chips and peas!”   What is he like?


Mr.D said...

Good spot about the takeaway.
Unlimited chips and peas but the tomato sauce costs 2 pounds a sachet?

Anonymous said...

Dear Nigel is well and truly a young man with a plan!.......hard to resist when the word "unlimited" is so enticing with it's images of a bounty of chips and peas......enjoy!.......Dianne