Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Darrell Has An Awful, Awful, Truly Awful Nightmare Of Gigantic Proportions - Part 3

Following on from Darrell’s “nightmare saga” of yesterday which heralded my sad demise from booking buses, the terrors continued for Darrell, as he  thrashed about in his bed, plaintively crying “No, no, no!”  His dream following what seemed to be it’s inevitable path and now focused on Darrell.
He said that he saw himself  being summoned to his managers office, but he did so his stomach lurched alarmingly, necessitating several urgent stop offs along the way.
On finally arriving at the office Darrell said he dreamed that his manager presented him with a letter in the same enveloped as Nigel and I had received and he too knew the writing was on the wall for him …… but he went on, he held himself together with all the dignity and composure he could muster …… until he got back to his office and dissolved …..
His letter said that he was going to be replaced by an outside “sensitive waste” shredding agency from September. It was just too much for poor Darrell to bear and in his dream his best friend at work, Shazam, felt it best that he took Darrell home, as there was clearly no doing with him
…. And although there was still much shredding to be done before the end of term and the new contractors step in, the tears that he had weep had dripped into his beloved shredder which was then deemed a hazardous and was hurried cordoned off as a major health and safety issue!
Darrell said that it was at this point that he woke up, sweating uncontrollably, his bedclothes strewn all round his room, in the most blinding panic he had even found himself in ….. well apart from in real life when Nigel was lost/found in Discount UK!!!!!


Mr.D said...

He should have shredded the dreamt up letter in his dream.
What a nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Sweating, panting and lurching very understandable in the midst of this unbelievable nightmare.....cannot remember Winston Churchill's exact words, but his advise was "don't give up, ever".....I know your talents and responsible, competent hard work will find a new place where they will be appreciated and valued .....difficult times but your friends hold you in their hearts and thoughts while you go through this transition.....thinking of you...Love, Dianne

Anonymous said...

My goodness I didn't think it could get much worse - now the shredders gone - well it just serves them right - who cares - how dare they let you go Darrell - as Bob Dylan croons - 'The Times they are A Changing' and me does not like it one little bit! JantheFan x

marc said...

i had a dream .......i heard that somewhere before thinking of you big love marc