Thursday, 31 July 2014

Nigel Gets Loom Bands!

Nigel has been pestering none stop for weeks now for some Loom Bands, and finally we, well I really mean Darrell relented.
All I could foresee was finding tiny, multicultural multi-coloured elastic bands everywhere, but Darrell said he thought it would be nice for Nigel to be part of the latest trend ….. and learn how to make stuff…….
…… and he would personally make sure that I wouldn’t find said tiny elastic multicultural multi-coloured bands everywhere!
So Darrell and Nigel sat down and proceeded to learn how to make a loom band bracelet ….. Let’s just put it this way, it was a lot harder than they both first thought, bearing in mind none of us are actually blessed with fingers for making things of a fiddly type nature, and there were words like “oh bum” “poo” and “aghhhhh” bandied about as an expression of their growing frustration!
But after three hours of blood, sweat and almost tears, one loom band bracelet was created, but probably not quite as per the instruction sheet …..
……. which Nigel very kindly gave to Darrell, as it was most of his aforementioned blood, sweat and almost tears that went into it! …… Work on Nigel’s own loom band bracelet begins erm….. tomorrow, when they have recovered sufficiently to do it all again!


Mr.D said...

More like Loon bands to me.

Mr.D said...
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Anonymous said...

I presume then it will be asking too much to make a pair of swimming trunks from them and sell them for thousands on ebay? - shame. JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bracelet....certainly worth all that blood, sweat and tears!.....truly an attractive keepsake and memory link to a shared creative effort......Dianne