Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Darrell has an Awful, Awful, Truly Awful Nightmare Of Gigantic Proportions–Part 2

Poor Darrell was in quite a state as he continued to tell Nigel and I about his truly, truly awful nightmare, it was sooooooo real he said and made us promise him that it wasn’t a cruel trick and it wasn’t, wasn’t, wasn’t true.
As he continued telling us he said the next thing he dreamt was me travelling to work on the Banga bus, pondering as to what the coming day would bring.  He said that when I got to work  I opened an e-mail asking me to go and see my manager, just as Nigel had had to do.
He said that I remained stoic throughout my interview, my chin didn’t quiver one little bit ……
…… as I accepted my letter and then shook hands with my boss, who wished me well.
My last day was to be 18th July  and then after that there would be no more booking buses for me, due to financial restraints, whatever they are/were.
There would be no more anxiously looking at the clock every five minutes when a bus had been unavoidably delayed ………..
……… or looking out of the window to see if our girls were ready waiting to board a bus as soon as it arrived.
And, there would be no more exciting deliveries from “my” bus companies in December when they would send me their calendars for the coming year.
Darrell said he then saw me closing up my telephone book for the last time, sniffing very, very deeply …….. and sighing  “What is to become of us?”
But Darrell’s dream did not end there ………


Mr.D said...

Who next - you?
Are dreams always in black and white?

Di said...

Oh no, this is getting worse! We're on tenterhooks here :(

Love from
Hank and Marvin

Paddington fan said...

George is now on his second box of tissues and is very worried and panicky as soon as he sees a black and white photo. What on earth is coming next....??
Hugs, Jacky and George xx

Anonymous said...

I'm getting worried - VERY worried..........but as the saying goes - 'As one door closes.........' JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

All of this is almost beyond tears .....it just cannot be true....we are all going to wake up and know our dear boys are off to work each day, aren't we????......our hearts are breaking at this crazy nightmare.....we must hold on to Jan's words; hopes of a new door opening with wonderful opportunities.....thinking of all of you..Much Love, Dianne