Monday, 10 August 2015

Treating Nigel To A Trip To The Cinema

Yesterday, I decided to finally take Nigel to the cinema …..
IMG_2395……. he’s been pestering me non stop to see Jurassic World ever since it came out to take him, and to be honest, I couldn’t stand said pestering any longer ……and since we are no longer constrained by confines of work, we went to the 1.30pm showing, which felt very decadent!IMG_2386However, taking photos etc. in cinemas is not really permitted, not to mention hard, as it’s naturally very dark, and the use of a flash would obviously blow our cover and catch the attention of staff or CCTV ….. and it would be shameful to be evicted in such an event
IMG_2387So, I had to be subtle, but really, how interesting are pictures of Nigel and I watching a film in the dark anyway?  Let’s just say that the film lived up to all Nigel’s expectations …. he did occasionally let me wear his 3D specs, only jumped out of his skin a dozen or so times and now wants a baby triceratops in the garden!!!
When we came out, minus the mahoooosive  bag of pick and mix we took in, save for a couple of chocolate raisins at the bottom,  we decided to have a bit of fun with the call out board …..
……. and on the amusements …….
IMG_2403……. but the pester power has started all over again …….
……. as Nigel now desperate to see The Peanuts Movie!  I just can’t win!!!


Anonymous said...

Nigel has Pester Power to the nth degree; he's a real pro!.....a movie in the afternoon is a real treat and many more to come now that your are part time Evesham much to enjoy now and you will be up to date movie wise!.....Dianne

PharmacyMichele said...

I think you had better look into a loyalty card if you keep going to the cinema!


Mr.D said...
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Mr.D said...

Nigel certainly has pester power when he gives you "that look."