Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Breakfast Sur La Greek

Following on from yesterday ….. at breakfast, at our hotel, we eat like kings!
And, our very, very, very favourite treat is the yoghurt, it is to die for!  It is so solid that you can stand your spoon upright in it and it will not move!! We drizzle it with Greek honey, and oh mon dieu!!!! Our table has become known as “zee nomming one”, by our fellow guests, as that is the only noise that comes from it when we are partaking!!! ……. Darrell has been known to go up for seconds, thirds and fourths and it is only through my intervention that he hasn’t had fifths!!! There is nothing we can compare it to in Britain, and if we could find it, we would buy it by the bucket load. So, until then Darrell is insisting that he has a year of pleasure to get in, before we can, perhaps, come to Greece again!!!!!
I like to indulge in the Greek cheeses and cold meats, with an egg and some bread, and a slice or two of tomato. They also are to die for, not only are they totally mahoooooooooooosive, but they taste nothing like the cherry ones we generally get from the village Tesco Express! With a tiny weeny pinch of salt ….. c’est tres magnifique!!!!
And Nigel? Well, he is working his way through everything, rest assured, nothing will remain unsampled ……and it goes without saying that no Marmite has been missed during this feasting!!!!


Mr.D said...

I think Darrell has put on a few pounds since the the start of the Greek Odyssey.

That yoghurt sounds great.

PharmacyMichele said...

Wow-a veritable feast every breakfast!!!!!! I think it will be bread & water when you return to the UK.


Anonymous said...

Rich, thick and creamy Greek yoghurt is the best!....it's the favourite for me.....very popular here in the US; wonderful in recipes or with berries added....the tomatoes look wonderful; tomatoes love the sun and all that Greek sun makes them taste so good.....beautiful vistas and great food....can't beat that!.....Dianne

marc said...

you boys are having such fun and pstt yes it was him on his little boat you saw its had a paint job and he is not taking calls from any one at the mo not even me he insists if he dont get a little him time before [panto session starts he will just die but he plans on seeing you soon big love marc and Hugh says think of all things Oz and your see him where a Friend of Dorothy might just be soon