Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Abound For Another Greek Odyssey ……

Our diligently pouring over holiday brochures and finally booking our second Greek Odyssey seems like a million years ago now (well, we do like to plan ahead) and although our “daily doings” of the past week or so may not have reflected it, the excitement at Castle Greysquirrel has been overpoweringly tangible, extremely plausible and very robustly palpable.  Euros have been purchased, naturally, in small denominations to reflect the current Greek economic climate, passports have been checked one the hour, every hour, and timings timed to the nano second for our glorious airport check in ……..
…… with our suitcase packed and unpacked too many times to count!  Nigel has insisted on packing a jar of marmite, our savoury spread of choice, however I fully intend to surreptitiously remove it before we leave ……. we will embrace all things Greek during our time away, and marmite has no place in that embracement, unless, of course, it is already served at our hotel at breakfast ….. but I myself will be opting for the Greek honey option!!!
So ……..  when you will see us next  (hopefully), we will be dans Greece, in Nidri, and so for the moment ….. we bid you bon voyage et bienvenue!


Anonymous said...

There is nothing like the wonderful excitement of "holiday fever"!......I know they will remember you and it will be like seeing old friends......the blue of the sea, drinks waiting in the evening......good times in Greece coming your way!....bon voyage!....Dianne

PharmacyMichele said...

Ooooh-how exciting. My friend, young Alex has gone back home to Greece for three weeks so see her parents. A jar of Marmite would add lots of extra weight in the suitcase!


Mr.D said...

Greek style for you then.
Another adventure awaits!
I hope the locals aren't traumatised by Nigel.
With his musings and ponderings, he may be taken as a philosopher such as Aristotle, Plato or Socrates. Watch out if he tries to wear clothing made from bed sheets or napkins (not the paper ones!)

Anonymous said...

I'm on-board for the Greek Idiotesey - let the camera role. JantheFan x