Friday, 7 August 2015

A Ketchup Stix Review

As a precursor to our Greek holiday, which is only a week or so away now, Darrell thought that, to get into the holiday mood, it would be fun to do a savoury snack review of a foreign type nature……
IMG_2363….. and as such he and Nigel had bought back some ketchup flavour chip sticks from their Polish supermarket of choice in Evesham.
Although the writing was obviously Polish, we are familiar with the  “Lays” brand from some of our previous holidays abroad., and as you know, we are particularly partial to a ketchup flavoured savoury snack, but which we find hard to find in here, so Nigel and Darrell’s considered purchase was an extra special treat.
Let’s just say, they didn’t last long, and that we enjoyed them very, very much, however if we had one tiny weeny criticism, Nigel felt that sometimes the chips can be a bit sharp and catch in your throat, but there again, perhaps he shouldn’t eat them quite so quickly!!!!
Anyway, the flavour and the smell certainly put us in a holiday frame of mind, remembering how hot our crisps used to get on the beach in Greece last year, despite their being in Darrell’s bag, under his sunbed and it made us all go quite nostalgically romantic  …….
The bowl was soon polished off, with Darrell and I allowing Nigel the very last one, if, he ate it slowly.
And our score, using our carefully honed Richter Scale of Ketchup Flavoured Comestible Noms?  Well, we decided after a little debate, none of which was heated, that we would like to award Lays Ketchup Stix, a well earned 9.5 out of 12, especially for the happy memories they bought back!


Mr.D said...

Greek legend also has the Styx - the river that formed the boundary between Earth and the underground. (No - not the metro in London.)

PharmacyMichele said...

A well chosen snack to review. Perfect to get you in the holiday mood.


Anonymous said...

Those Stix look the perfect delicious treat to bring back Greek holiday memories!....Lay's is the most popular crisps (chips) brand in the US but I've never seen those Ketchup Stix......In Florida there are miles and miles of potato farms owned by Lays.....can't wait for those Greek holidays to begin!.....Love, Dianne