Wednesday, 26 August 2015

One Of Those Comforting Moments!

Before we left for Greek climes, I had to surgically surreptitiously remove the jar of Marmite that Nigel had “just popped” into our suitcase. It may be our savoury spread of choice, but on holiday we should embrace the new, and this in my opinion, was tantamount to insisting on a full English every morning and would look most rude, sat sitting on our breakfast table!!!
However, it is reassuring to know that, should there be some awful emergency, an ample supply is readily available! But I haven’t told Nigel!!!


Mr.D said...

You may be able to get Marmite in Greece but not in Mexico,

PharmacyMichele said...

Oh dear-let's hope Nigel doesn't spot that in the shops then!!!


Anonymous said...

Always good to know what's available .....makes things easier and follows that good old Boy Scout advice "Be Prepared"...... comforting to know Marmite is right there on a Greek shelf ready for any emergency!....Dianne