Sunday, 16 August 2015

Lookalikies Of A Greek Type Nature

When we are holiday we like to play “lookalikies” ……..
…… spotting people who look like famous people, and last night Darrell very nearly choked ……..
…… when he spotted RuPaul’s double, his Drag Race hero working as Front of House at one of the restaurants on the harbour front ……. well,  it goes without saying where we dined!!!!
image ru
Poor Darrell just couldn’t stop staring, in fact I would say that he was totally stars- truck in a totally non-celebrity type way,  it really was as if it was the real Ru in front of him!  What is he like????
I did suggest that I would ask if he and Darrell could have their picture taken together, and said that he would regret  it if I didn’t when we got home ………
…… but Darrell got too embarrassed and just continued to stare while Ru took pictures of everyone else!!!! And when we got back to the hotel, guess who was wishing he’d had that photo taken?


Mr.D said...

Darrell - shy boys get nowhere.

Anonymous said...

There's always another holiday day! And anyway, YOU lot are the celebs - bet lookalike rua whatsoever hasn't got a blog written about him, doesn't have a myriad of followers and doesn't brush shoulders with zee great and zee good of zee London celeb circus - I mean - circuit. So there! Janzeefan x

PharmacyMichele said...

Oh dear-he really was "star struck ", wasn't he??!!!


Anonymous said...

My goodness, must have been a shock to see a Ru Paul on a Greek island sad,an opportunity lost for Darrell; can hope Ru will be available again and Darrell can get his courage going in full force.....A souvenir picture would be the best!...wishing Darrell luck for a second chance, Dianne