Thursday, 6 August 2015

Darrell’s Been To Iceland

Now we are no longer working, Darrell has shown an even greater interest in online shopping and taking advantage of any special offers pertinent to our domestic and dietary requirements in order to adhere to our very strict budget ,,,,,
IMG_1913……. and yesterday he was to be found waiting very anxiously for his Iceland order to arrive, a company we have never used before of an online type nature …..
Iceland Delivery“…… but, if it’s good enough for Peter Andre, considering his celebrity status” reasoned Darrell, “….. it’s certainly good enough for us!”…. especially as they had several very good aforementioned special offers of a tinned tuna variety type kind, that he added “….. would have been rude not to avail ourselves of”
The van, it has to be said, looked quite impressive on our drive, and Darrell imagined that what he was feeling was just how Peter Andre must feel when his fish fingers, hash browns and petites pois were delivered!
WE've been to IcelandBut he did think that Peter Andre, perhaps, has “a someone” to put his shopping away, a task Darrell never relishes, no matter how exciting the shopping!!!!!


Mr.D said...

You must have special qualities to be "a someone."
I suspect people with "a someone" must have all sorts of demands and some of these could be unusual.

PharmacyMichele said...

But Darrell has a "someone " that helps -a Nigel!! Hope you found some interesting goodies to try.


Anonymous said...

With Darrell leading the way, you all do experience the celebrity lifestyle.... it may be in a modest way compared to the luxurious opulent glitz and glam of Hugh's, but a little restraint and caution as you go is helpful when you are on a budget.....hope all is well with the order.....Dianne