Saturday, 15 August 2015

Tentative Steps Of A Greek Bakery Type Nature.

As with all our holidays, we love to embrace as many of the comestibles of the region as possible, and yesterday, I took our first tentative steps by visiting the nearest bakery to the beach, to see if they had anything suitable for a beach snackette type nature.
bakery 4Let’s just say it did not disappoint!!!!  The bakery is called Kominatos, which Nigel immediately translated as “Coming At Us”, which was very apt because after today, I think their delicacies will just keep on  “Coming At Us” ………
Bakery Everything looked absolutely wonderful ………. there really was too much choice
bakery 1bakery 2
…… and it was all self service, I found I didn’t have to point, which always embarrasses me ….. and of course the translations helped. Why does sausage pie sound so much more enticing and  romantic than a plain sausage roll?
Bakery 3And as for “yellow cheese pie”, well it would look rude not to partake wouldn’t it.
food 3In the end, I opted for a large slice of spinach pie, because on holiday,even for us, though it’s hard to believe, it would be easy to let slip our rigid 5 a day regime.
food 2…… and let’s just say again, it did not disappoint!
IMG_2990It was a most ample portion, but Darrell and Nigel made very light work of it, amidst much nomming noises! Kominatos is, for now, our Greek Bakery of choice,however as there are several other bakeries in the town, it would look rude not to visit them too!!!! 


Mr.D said...

You are making me hungry!

PharmacyMichele said...

Your choice looks delicious & clearly Nigel + Darrell agreed!