Monday, 31 August 2015

At Last ….. The Omens Bode Well!!

The other day I mentioned that Darrell was getting his trunks in a twist because he couldn’t find a holey stone on our beach of choice, and was beginning to feel that this was “an omen” …….!!
An omen for what, heaven only knows, but you know Darrell, he is a martyr to his spooky feelings,  and I firmly lay the blame on Derek Acorah!
Anyway, a stone has been found, and since it was so hard to find, both he and Nigel have agreed that any other searching will cease there ………… on a beach where to find just one holey stone has proved to be a mammoth task, and obvious that it does not yield them up willingly.
To mis-quote The Apprentice ….Darrell (and Nigel’s) quest to find a new holey stone has ended …….
jst the two of us…….. but our holiday continues!


Anonymous said...

A most special holey stone with a little mystery attached .....this Derek Acorah moment for Darrell is a was meant to be!....Dianne

PS if it glows in the dark, be VERY careful

Mr.D said...

That's a relief.