Monday, 24 August 2015

A Quick Voyage Round Our Hotel

We have to say we are perfectly happy with our hotel ……. it’s basic, but that suits us, because as you know, we are very basic, non demanding, sort of guys!
Our needs are few, just clean sheets and towels, an ample and sufficient breakfast ….. as most of our time is spent on the beach in the day and promenading and cocktailing in the evening and no lizards!
Our balcony does not yield any spectacular panoramic views, just the car park and a few non romantic roof tops ….. oh and a couple of mountains  ……… but,  it does come in very handy for drying our towels, trunks and Darrell’s socks after a day on said beach.
hotel 1 We also get a most excellent view of “the Flags of All Nations”, which never fails to remind us of The Eurovision Song Contest, the televisual highlight of our year!
hotel 3The pool is very acceptable and is a bit of a sun trap with its handy bar …..……. but its hygienic chlorine type whiff and faux blue water just cannot compare with the romance swimming unbridled in the salty, undulating, untiled, genuinely, blue sea …..
…….. surrounded by curious, real swimming fish!!!
There is also the opportunity for a little ping pong, but as of yet we have not availed ourselves …… there are too many other more tempting pleasures.
I have to admit that none of us are too over enamoured by the shower curtain in our bathroom, which we have now stopped using (the curtain, not the shower) ….. the shower tray is not that big, and once in, said shower curtain has a tendency to cling …..
…… which Darrell has described as feeing a little like being enveloped in  cold, clammy ectoplasm of a Derek Acorah type nature, which I think is a bit of an over, if not graphic, exaggeration!!!
In the dining room/lounge the art is very much Greek Myth meets Van Gogh …….
……. but we don’t think the Van Gogh’s are real, even though the paint feels and looks lumpy, because Darrell says he thinks Hugh has the real thing hanging in his bathroom in Notting Hill!!!!
It’s just sooooooo lovely being away from Castle Greysquirrel (W-ton)  and Snake Mountain (Evesham) for just a little while, to be in such foreign climes……
……. breathing in that wonderful, rich, warm, Greek aroma, that you can only ever smell in Greece….. on our aforementioned balcony, waiting for us all to get ready for a night out on the town ……..
……… to make memories that will keep us feeling all warm and fuzzy when we get back to our normal hum-drum lives!!!


Mr.D said...

The hotel looks just the job, apart from the shower curtain.

Anonymous said...

Jealous. JantheFan x

PharmacyMichele said...

Everything looks lovely but have to agree with you on the "clingy shower curtain "-they give me the creeps!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Simple accommodations are just right when you have so much to enjoy just outside the door....shower curtains always seem to come with problems; Darrell is getting quite poetical with his cold, clammy ectoplasm description ...real or not, the paintings likely work well in such romantic settings!.....Dianne