Friday, 28 August 2015

The Most Romantic Name For A Supermarket EVER, EVER, EVER!!!!!

It hasn’t taken us long to find our Grecian Supermarché of choice …..
……. it was the name that did it!
I mean, how romantic would it be to say that you’re just nipping over to “Zeus” for some sundry items, rather than you’re just popping to the “Village Tesco Express”, does anyone want anything?
We are all totally entranced.  But, it is also a very good supermarket, which we tend to frequent on our way back to the hotel, as a climax to our evening of cocktails, dining and promenading, to get a few things for the beach the following day.
It has tomatoes the size of large oranges …….
…… and “vegetable things” that are not even on included in our rigid 5 a day regime, which has made us feel a little lacking!
Nigel is very impressed by their mahooooosive melons ……
……. enticing, beautifying  breakfast cereal …….
……. and to complete our “romantic theme” …….. they even have romantic biscuits!!!!!!
We are saving all the Zeus carrier bags to take home with us … that  when we do go into The Village Tesco Express we can, at the self serve till, press the button for “own bags used” ……. to walk home with our shopping bagged in our “romantic” memories!!!!!!  What are we like?


Anonymous said...

Zeus is one impressive name for a grocery store! looks like a true cornucopia of deliciousness on every aisle.....all one could want!......Dianne

Mr.D said...

Make sure Nigel doesn't think it is called Zevs.
A great pair of melons too.

PharmacyMichele said...

And have any of the "kiss" chocolate items found their way into your shopping basket??!!