Thursday, 13 August 2015

Taking It Very, Very Easy …. In Zee Greek Type Fashion ……….

Well, lets just say …… that Nidri is all very, very, very, very lovely, in fact it’s quite robustly lovely ……… and wantonly Greek but in a very peaceful type way.
Beach 2And, to be honest, we don’t foresee us embarking on any “Grand Greek Adventures” this year, we will just lying be on our sunbeds, partaking in the odd paddle in the crystal clear waters, doing an awful lot of nomming and, naturally,  slurping on the odd cheeky cocktail, well, it would be rude not too!
Beach 7At the start of the year we never imagined the mahoooooooosive changes we’ve seen in the past few months and as we are now bi-residential, living in both Wolverhampton and Evesham for the next little while …. we deserve a proper break to gather up our even out our status quo and regenerate, or something like that!!!
Beach 3Beach 4
It doesn’t hurt, just once in a while, to sit and stare, in companionable silence ……..
Beach 6…….. and sigh a lot at the view ……. we’ve deserved it!


Mr.D said...

"We don’t foresee us embarking on any “Grand Greek Adventures” this year."
Maybe adventure will find you, regardless of your intentions.

PharmacyMichele said...

Your holiday destination looks like the perfect place for some R& R!!!!


Anonymous said...

Let the relaxing begin on those most beautiful beaches ever (definitely the polite thing to do)! much to contemplate and be grateful for as you enjoy those lovely vistas.....may every moment be peaceful and calm as you unwind....Dianne