Sunday, 15 November 2015

And So Towards Christmas ……..

I’m not going to say anything to Nigel while he’s away in Cornwall, but when Hugh and I nipped over to the Tesco Express on the off chance they had some Krug in, I noticed that the village Christmas tree had been erected…….
……. a sure sign that another Christmas is on its way, and an even more poignant reminder that this year,  it will probably our very last Christmas in the village, so we need to embrace all its little happenings for all it’s worth!
I also wondered if it might be an appropriate time to brooch the subject of whether Hugh might perhaps be planning on spending the festivities Chez Greysquirrel!!!!!
However, Hugh got there first …… sitting me down under the tree’s as of yet bare boughs, and after thanking me profusely for “ …. zee truly wonderful of times” he said he felt that it was zee right time to get ‘is feather boa out of zee mothballs and with his most flamboyant flounce return to the glitz and glamour that is his showbiz life ….. zee invitations to all zee parties one simply must be seen at were already beginning to pile up on his PA’s desk and he (Hugh’s PA) was “‘aving zee kittens wiz it all!!!!”Naturally I was very, very sad hearing this news, there really is never a dull moment when Hugh is around….. but sometimes, it is a little hard to keep up, for example, believe or not, I am a stranger to champagne and canapés at 10 o’clock in the morning!   Hugh isn’t going back to London straight away …. he is staying for another week or so ….. ‘is PA can manage a little longer no, “….. he is to say oui to everything we said oui to last year, plus anything else that looks impossibly de rigueur, and zen we will send zee huuuuumungous bouquet of zee red roses with zee scented candle or zee de luxe hamper from Harold's, if we,  at zee later date have to decline, no?”  …… Oh, to live the life of the rich and famous!  What is he like????


Mr.D said...

Harold's or "Fourtum and Basins" for the hamper?

PharmacyMichele said...

At least Hugh sounds like he's back to his old "showbiz" self especially if he's talking of returning to London.


Dianne said...

Even the best of times must come to an end ..... wonderful times to remember and much learned by season moving along quickly with the official village tree in place!....Hugh's replenished enthusiasm and energy are a wonder! .......would one tire of champagne and canapes on regular basis?.....only the rich and famous know! ....Dianne

Mr.D said...

Harold's hamper or Fourtum and Basin?