Thursday, 12 November 2015

Nigel’s First Ever Ever Cave Wedding

Nigel phoned this morning to tell us all about the cave wedding he had been invited to, he was positively effervescent, describing it as absolutely wonderful and impossibly, impossibly, impossibly romantic!!!!
images (1)He said that he found himself welling up more than once, the atmosphere, the candlelight, as well as the romance of it all just got to him, which he thought was probably a bit of Darrell rubbing off on him!
Unfortunately, he was unable to take any pictures of the actual ceremony as flashlights were not permitted ………
……… because it disturbed the bats, but we have found a few elsewhere to help give you a small flavour of Nigel’s experience
After the ceremony the guests were able to take off their safety helmets and move into an upper cave for the reception ……
….. again lit by the light of hundreds and hundreds of tea lights and candles.
…… and echoing with “music from the shows”  ……… The refreshment, Nigel said, was “ABSOLUTLEY GLORIOUS”, adding that it would have looked most ungracious to his hosts not to enjoy the pleasures of the buffet table six, seven, eight, nine …… erm ten times!!!!!!
IMG_5776There were also two chocolate fountains, which Nigel also availed himself of, with such frequency, that he and the lady operating them were on first name terms by the end of the evening, even laughing at the mountain of kebab sticks that had been collecting on his plate, but, decided it would be rude to make a final tally of them!!!!!!   ….. Let’s just say Nigel tried everything that could be slathered covered in chocolate, several times, in both chocolate flavours.
IMG_5774And, as if that wasn’t enough, there was a table full of pick and mix sweeties jars ……
IMG_5784……… and again, not wishing to be impolite and refuse any of the hospitality offered him, Nigel availed himself of one or two small treats!
IMG_5785It was all very, very lovely, and something that Nigel would never forget, his first cave wedding, in Cornwall ….. he felt very honoured and very blessed in a Hello Magazine type way ….. and very, very full!!!!!!!


PharmacyMichele said...

What an honour for Nigel. He certainly ate well after the ceremony!!!


Dianne said...

Candles, romance, and an ever flowing chocolate fountain all in this gorgeous setting...then sweet treats to top it off.... unforgettable for certain....Nigel's Cornwall visits are pure magic.....Dianne

Mr.D said...

Chocolate covered bacon sir?

Anonymous said...

Sooooooooo romantic - makes me want to get married all over again......I think........JantheFan x