Saturday, 7 November 2015

Nigel Visits The Evesham Angling Festival

We are not usually in Evesham at the weekend, when the big events “touristy” events are on ………
Evesham Angling Festival.Evesham Angling Festival.1
…….. but this weekend Nigel decided to stay over and avail himself of one of Evesham’s main annual events, to wit the Fishing Festival just out of curiosity.
Angling Festival EveshamHaving a river flowing through the town you live in, with it’s bridges, boat trips, rowing club, riverside chalets and ducks, as well as said fishing competitions,  is just soooooooo romantic, we do have a stream in our village, but, well,  it just doesn’t compare does it?
Angling Festival Evesham...IMG_4615
Nigel also had a mooch around the various fishing stalls that were there  ……….
BoiliesTaking Up Fishing
Some of the fishing baits looked and smelt very, very tempting, almost like little sweets and made Nigel think back to the fish he befriended in Greece and wondered if he should get some. to put away for our next holiday!
Angling IrelandBut, I have to say, I don’t think Nigel is a fisherman at heart, he has too much of a tendency to get involved and then attached to them, so I doubt very much that we will see him disappearing off to the river, clad in chin high waders, carrying a rod and bucket of maggots …… unless of course, he can bring them home ………and that is strictly illegal!!!!


Mr.D said...

Does Nigel want to "swim with the fishes?"

PharmacyMichele said...

I don't see Nigel as a fisherman-he's too kind to be bashing fish on the head!


Dianne said...

Ah.....of course Evesham would have water pursuits! ....Nigel would probably do better with a nice little pocket size fish directory featuring coloured pictures of fishes from all over the world......more Evesham pleasures!.... Dianne