Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Limited Edition Peanut Butter Flavour Oreos

In between our baby minding duties in Evesham, we still manage find a little quality time for ourselves, mainly of a comestible type nature!  So, when Darrell found a packet of Peanut Butter Flavour Oreo(s) while out mooching, it was a no brainer that we give them a try …… during said quality time…….
Peanut Butter flavour oreo……. and having Hugh with us to do so was just an extra bonus.  After Marmite, our savoury spread of choice, we are exceptionally partial to a little peanut butter, with happy memories of returning from our holiday in Last Vegas with our suitcases crammed with every peanut butter delicacy that we knew we couldn’t get in England.
Limited Edition Peanut Butter OreosSo these limited edition biscuits certainly sent a frissant of excitement through the portals of Snake Mountain ……..
Peanut butter Ltd Edition Oreos……. and, we hoped, offered much promise!  We have to admit that the dark, almost black biscuit has always put us off a bit ……..
Peanut Butter Oreos Limited Edition.….. as we are accustomed to a more golden colour of biscuit, even a bourbon pales into significance next to an Oreo.  
lack of fillingDarrell decided to check out the filling before chowing on down …… and we have to be honest, it was far from an ample sufficiency and so disappointed most robustly!
sad lack of biscuit fillingWe then gave Hugh the honour being the one to take the first bit, quickly followed by Darrell and myself ……
nom nom nomLet’s just say they failed abysmally to deliver a single satisfying nom nom sound.
a very disappointing biscuitWe found that “any” peanut butter flavour was totally overwhelmed by the deep, bitter, chocolaty taste of the biscuit base …… not good, not good at all!!!
we can take them or leave themThe let down was both very tangible and very tangible. For us, we are afraid that Limited Edition Peanut Butter Oreos failed miserably to deliver ……. and for that, we feel we can only award them a miserABLE 2 out of 10 on our Richter Scale of noms, and that was for the crispness of the biscuit …… the sound of nomming, on this occasion, did not rend the air! Oh dear!


Mr.D said...

Oh dear.
Limited biscuit indeed.

PharmacyMichele said...

Uh oh-at least you can say you have tried them now. Just not one to be repeated!


Dianne said...

Not sure they are the same, but we have a peanut butter Oreo here in the US.....we didn't like them at all! be blunt, we thought they were awful....they sat in our treat basket for weeks and no one wanted them; so out they went.....not really partial to Oreo's dark dark chocolate biscuit...bummer !...Dianne