Saturday, 28 November 2015

The Online Order That Just Keeps Giving!!!!

Darrell has finally given in to Hugh’s absolutely flawless complexion ……….
……. and under the said Hugh’s supervision, threw caution to the wind, as far as his carefully saved up pennies are concerned and ordered a whole plethora of Hugh’s beauty products of choice! ……..
Well, they must work …. “I ‘ave to confess zat I ‘ave never ‘ad zee airbrushing or zee touch up on any of my pictures no? I have ‘ad zee make up artists cry zat I make zem out of work as zay can do nothing to what is zee perfection, just zee occasional dab on zee shiny nose, oui!  I am tres, tres blessed, I know, in zee ‘Ello magazine type way” 
However, it wasn’t just zee products that had both Darrell and Hugh squealing with delight when they arrived ……. it was “all zee packaging” …… large, foam type pellets that were all in beautiful candy colours ……… “Oh mon dieu at mon door, we can make zee dangly festive decorations no.  We can do zee Kirsty (Allsop)” sighed Hugh going all romantic. Helping Decopatch Iris’s bike really was a life changing moment for Hugh!!!!! “It will  just be zee toooooooooo toooooooo festive decor de rigueur, no?????
And then, Hugh realised that we probably wouldn’t have time to do anything of such a creative nature before he left to resume his showbiz lifestyle in a couple of days time ……and he welled up, he welled up quite a bit!!!! But then Darrell suggested that he could put a few of the foam pieces in a bag for Hugh to take with him ….. to thread into chains in his dressing room between scenes and then perhaps get a couple of principle dancers to help hang them up in a festive manner.  At that Hugh visibly perked up “Ahhhh Darrell, you are zee brains in zee operation no? I shall do exactly zat and when I do my ‘eart will fly back to zee Greysquirrel with you all doing zee same, no!”  
And to think,  all this started because of Hugh’s peachy skinned face, we do have a habit of going off tangent, but that’s what makes life so exciting ……. no??????!!!!!!!!!


Mr.D said...

Maybe Darrell can get Hugh to combine crafting and beauty products - make a box to store the creams, moisturisers, cleansers, exfoliators etc.

PharmacyMichele said...

Goodness-Hugh could embark on a new career at this rate!!


Dianne said...

Oh, Lucky Hugh, he is truly blessed with a peaches and cream complexion......Hugh's creativity is finding new artistic outlets nonstop!.....Crafts will be a great stress-release for the pressure of celebrity life.....great idea with those lovely coloured foam bits....Dianne