Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Grand Tour Of Tyme Cottage

I have told Nigel he has been a little remiss in not sending us many pictures of Tyme Cottage ………
……. but perhaps he should be excused as he is having such a wonderful time.
IMG_5812But today, he has come up trumps, bless him, he has done the Grand Tour for us, of his favourite bits …… how you have to go down stairs to go to bed …… how brilliant is that????? However, I have had to tell him in no uncertain terms that we are not doing this at Castle Greysquirrel, what may be de rigueur and au naturel in the country, would simply be confusing in Wolverhampton!
IMG_5820The cottage, Nigel informs us  is multi-bathroomed …….. but his favourite one is downstairs, and which, he adds is quite possibly the poshest one he has ever bathed in ……..
……. being of the roll top variety, with taps and shower in the middle, instead of at the end, so no stuck toes!!!  He said that it would have looked rude to just use his ordinary soap and flannel while having his evening bath, so while he was in Looe he availed himself of a petal and glitter infused bath bomb in order to get the full affect of the bathroom’s ambience!  What is he like?
IMG_5822Next on Nigel’s Richter scale of romantic cottage features are the robustly rustic latches on every single door ….. not one single, common doorknob in sight ….. which Nigel imagined must be like living in Ambridge and another thing now added to his bucket list of features needed in our Evesham …… home when we start looking.
Nigel’s own room also has a set of stairs leading down to his own ensuite shower room, which also seems very grand thing to have.  And the walls? Well he says, they must be at least three feet deep, so if there was an unexpected invasion of marauding marauders, they would be virtually impenetrable ……
…. And the view from his room, well, much as Nigel finds it “interesting”, it certainly knocks spots off the view of the car hire place currently opposite the castle!!!!
There are also narrow, deep set windows round the cottage, to see if any aforesaid marauding marauders are approaching, as well as deep nooks and crannies in the walls for putting, if you so wished, your rural objets d’arts!!
IMG_5796…….. And outside, there are features left over from when the cottage was probably a cattle shed or barn, it’s all too too impossibly romantic!!!!
IMG_5811 Finally, the last thing that has had Nigel waxing lyrical …… well, he now wants a Welsh Dresser, (original or faux), complete with proper, original, countfied plates ……… just like, he says, the Archers must eat  off, every day of their every day lives!!!!
IMG_5873Nigel is full of it, never let it be said that he ever fails to embrace any new place he is fortunate enough to stay/visit!


Anonymous said...

Well if it reminds him of Ambridge that's good enough for me - as long as he hasn't got Rob as his neighbour he will be fine - or maybe that is who he means when he says the marauding marauders! JantheFan x

PharmacyMichele said...

Goodness- Nigel is turning into a real country squire!!


Dianne said...

Tyme Cottage is charm personified many details to oooooh and ahhhh love deep set windows; then fab hand wrought door hardware too.... the list grows! ....poor naive Nigel..if only it was really easy peasy to have his cottage wish list granted!.....Dianne

Mr.D said...

What a wonderful cottage. Nigel does so have trouble with his spelling - it is Thyme Cottage, which reminds me of a song by Simon and Garfunkel: Scarborough Fair.