Wednesday, 18 November 2015

The Shell House, Polperro

Nigel said he couldn’t believe his eyes when he first The Shell House  in Polperro, just how romantic would it be to live in a house covered in seashells with a balustraded flight of stairs leading up to the front door????
It sent Nigel scurrying to the beach to see if there were any shells he could collect and bring back home, it may be too late to cover Castle Greysquirrel is shells ……..
IMG_5834…… but, he said, there was nothing to stop us from doing it when we are finally ensconced in Evesham! There is no doubting his enthusiasm, but I am not sure that Evesham is quite ready for it’s latest prospective residents to be bringing this sort of idea with them ……. but there again, it does beat stone cladding!!
I haven’t told Nigel that you can actually rent out The Shell House for a holiday …… if he found that out there would be no end to his very persistent pester power!!!!


Mr.D said...

Rather unusual.
Great for a holiday but I'm not convinced I would want to live in it.

PharmacyMichele said...

Perfect for a holiday home but not sure what your neighbours would say! Perhaps you could suggest to Nigel he starts to decorate a plant pot with the shells he collects, that way he could take it with him when you move.


Dianne said...

Amazing!..planned design or spontaneous? could become obsessed, working endlessly with that sort of project ....Michele's idea of adorning a pot sounds perfect for Nigel's foray into shell design!....Dianne

Anonymous said...

How lovely! Maybe when you move you could have a garden shed covered in shells. That might be nice, a little place for baby Iris to play. JantheFan x