Saturday, 21 November 2015

Darrell Dabbles In The Unseen Forces!

I knew it wouldn’t be long before Darrell eventually succumbed to the spookier persuasions of Evesham! He’d nipped into Moo Moos, our Evesham cafe of choice for a quick sausage and bacon bap and emerged with a ticket for their “Medium Night” ……..
He was a little bit dubious about what he had let himself in for as he left Snake Mountain last night ….. and promised me, faithfully, not to be drawn into anything untoward, no matter how tempting, one hint of an orb and he was to be gone!!!!
Obviously, it was an evening of a certain discretion and the taking photos would not have have been seen as seemly …… but, Darrell had his aura read and he did shuffle the Tarot Cards!  So….. it seems,  that Darrell has quite a large, soft, blue aura …. which means that he is sensitive, caring, nurturing, calm, a martyr to his deep feelings and being easily hurt …… with large tendencies of an artistic type nature.
His cards said that there was a mahooooosive glowing gold, Christmas type bauble to his right hand side  which symbolised a BIG plan that would fall into place in 2016, this would be a life changing plan, a dream would also fulfilled and two people, a man and a woman were watching over him and were telling him that everything be alright in the end!  And, that’s as much as he could remember.  He said he got the “tingles” ……. but that may have just been him worrying about whether his choice of top was really that appropriate for such an evening or a bit of a spiritual faux pas!!!  What is he like!!!????


Mr.D said...

Medium large?

PharmacyMichele said...

I hope the "tingles" doesn't mean Darrel is coming down with something-not what you need before Christmas!!


Dianne said...

I would say a very successful evening! the soft blue aura; beautiful qualities to be celebrated and appreciated by his friends....the glowing gold bauble sounds fascinating and invites our curiosity!.....thank goodness no orbs to interfere with Darrell's experience..... Dianne