Monday, 23 November 2015

Outside Tyme Cottage

Following on from yesterday, it seems Nigel as equally taken by the surroundings of Tyme Cottage as the inside …….
….. but I have said that anything it may have, no matter HOW wonderful …
IMG_5706…… including the horse and two pigmy goats are not to find there way on to Nigel’s Evesham house bucket list …… ‘cos it just aint happening!!!
At the side of the cottage there is a small area of Christmas trees which Nigel is absolutely convinced leads to Narnia ……
……. it is magical indeed, however not magical enough it seems to stop Nigel from suggesting that since it was so close to the festive season, perhaps the absence of one small tree might not be noticed!
IMG_5719We had to have a few robust words I am afraid, and I have told him that, in no uncertain terms, was he was, categorically, not to return home with a purloined Christmas tree surreptitiously strapped on the top of the car, or he would face untold consequences!!!
But, with a indomitable spirit that can never to be put down for long, Nigel then came out with ….. that as Cornwall was steeped in deep and mysterious myths, legends and folklore, he thinks he may have stumbled upon a sacrificial alter in a copse, which was protected from the layman (to wit him) by a sturdy fence, I have told him that he has simply got an overactive imagination and has been watching too much Most Haunted with Darrell!!!!
There are also ponds to fish and winding lanes to explore ……
IMG_5717….. and places to just sit and enjoy the view,  with the farmyard cat for company , but as I said earlier …… none of which are to find their way onto Nigel’s bucket list ……..
IMG_5735…… and that also includes a full sized table tennis table!!!!


PharmacyMichele said...

I have an image of Nigel fighting his way through the "enchanted forest " and never returning....!! Let's hope this doesn't happen.


Dianne said...

Tyme Cottage has enchantment at every turn..... the possibility of Narnia outside the door is as magical as it gets!......dear oh dear, Nigel's bucket list is growing by leaps and bounds...hooray; common sense appears to have triumphed in regard to the horse and adorable goats!.....Dianne

Mr.D said...

Maybe there is a special wardrobe in Thyme Cottage that also leads to Narnia.