Monday, 16 November 2015

Hugh Does Crafting!!!

With Hugh’s departure looming, every second he spends with us is precious and it’s nice for us to introduce and involve him in some relaxing activities that he doesn’t really have the opportunity to do when he is in the midst of his hectic showbiz life.
IMG_6656So yesterday, Darrell and I asked if he would like to help us “do up” an old wooden bike we found in the garage, that used to be Tom’s when he was a little boy, we thought it wouldn’t take much to make it a most excellent home spun present for us to give Iris for Christmas.
IMG_6658It just involved a lot of gluing and sticking of patterned papers……..
“Ahhhhhh zis is sooooooooooooooooooo much fun!” sighed Hugh “I ‘ave seen zee Kirsty Allsop doing zis on zee crafty Christmas, but I ‘ad never dreamed I would be doing it for myself, no!”
His imagination then got the better of him ….. “I could be doing zis in zee Green Room no? And maybe, when zee agent gets zee call from zee crafty channels, he could tell them, mais oiu, Hugh would love to do zee demo or two no?  He is zee expert!  And ……. zen I could write zee book, and zen ‘ave zee DVD ……..and zen my own “Hugh” de rigueur craft range!!!” 
Oh good grief, what have we started!!!!  Hugh was positively effervescing!!!
However, we had to admire our handiwork when it was all dry, it did look good!
Perhaps there’s a job somewhere for all of us!!!!  In true Hugh positive thinking mode ……we will await the call!!!


Mr.D said...

It looks great.
Reuse, reduce, recycle, and, in this case, re-cover and then reuse.

PharmacyMichele said...

I think Hugh is in good company-some film stars have taken up knitting.


Dianne said...

Super idea; special fun tricycle with all those great colours!.....Hugh's confidence is so inspiring..... he does go straight for "the big time"....a whole new career in the offing!....could this also be a career direction for Darrell if Hugh needs a craft assistant?..... Dianne