Sunday, 1 November 2015

Following On ….. Nigel’s Halloween

Nigel had planned to do just a little bit of trick or treating down our road, but then. his friend Sarah text to ask him if he would like to accompany her to a Halloween Ghostly Gaslight Event at Blists Hill Victorian Town ……..
…… she said he should be ready early and that she would also treat him to a slap up meal to line his stomach in preparation of all the blood curdling he might experience later on …. oh, and he was to dress up accordingly!!
Well, Nigel didn’t have to be asked twice, and was ready and looking out of the window for Sarah within a couple of minutes, having already been dressed in his pumpkin outfit for the past week. When Sarah arrived, Nigel was gone in a flash, off to enjoy, as he  told me later, a very acceptable double burger with all accessories, before moving on to the Open Air Museum ……
SetWidth228-GGTicketsUnfortunately, due to his and Sarah’s understandable palpable and tangible Halloween excitement their pictures came out decidedly on the dodgy side, or, perhaps ……  their camera was, somehow, affected by weird, unearthly and unseen influences!
However, Nigel said it didn’t really matter as that the sights, scenes and smells he witnessed are all now buried in his head anyway …….
In every shop and house there were spooky tableaus with real, living, undead people, that seemed to get more terrifying and bizarre as he and Sarah moved round ………
…… and to add to the confusion, it seemed as if most of the crowds of visitors  (if, they were indeed real visitors ?????) were dressed and made up just as terrifyingly.
It was all very, very  confusing, the only thing Nigel was almost sure of was that the fireworks were real …..
…… but even some of them were a little more spooky than he had expected!
He said that he had had the MOST wonderful, if not terribly romantic time ….. ever …….
….. and that he hadn’t screamed like a girl too much!And the pork pie? Well, a lot of the museum shops were open, and well, it would have looked most rude not to avail himself of some of their wares …… so after braving the purchase of some jelly beans, assuming that they weren’t tainted …….
……. he was emboldened further to purchase a small pork pie from the butchers, a pork pie not being regarded as a typical Halloween fairing, which he said, upon his return and after eating it …… if it had contained any random body parts …. it tasted most excellent for their addage!!!  What is he like!!!


Dianne said...

What luck having an invitation from Sarah for a great night of spooky thrills WITH delicious treats involved!....does look like a most perfect Halloween experience.....spooky night with plenty of spooks haunting all round......only polite to avail yourself of those delicious offerings!...... Dianne

Mr.D said...

Looking at one of the photos, I won't ask the boot maker for what it says on the top part of the advert!
That pork pie looks wonderful.