Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Nigel Visits Polperro

With a couple of days before he returns home Nigel decided to visit Polperro, a small and very picturesque Cornish fishing village …..
It did not disappoint, with several fudge shops, of which he couldn’t help but avail himself of several 100gram bags, as well as a stop off at a now de rigueur purveyor of the traditional Cornish Cream Tea!!!
He said it was soooooooooo romantic that he felt he should be dressed in a frock coat, high-waisted pantaloons and thigh high riding boots, walking with masculine swagger of a  very Poldark type nature……
…….. with a suitably dark and brooding expression on his face ……
….. except that he couldn’t quite pull of the dark and brooding bit !!!!
IMG_5828It was all very lovely, a far cry in it’s beauty from Wolverhampton or Evesham for that matter, but,  there was one house in particular that sent him scurrying off to the beach ……… of which more tomorrow!


PharmacyMichele said...

Just had a strange vision of Nigel in a frock coat & panteloons-nearly choked on my shreddies...!! Not good at my age-he he!


Dianne said...

My oh my..definitely can't see a dark and brooding Poldark style for dear Nigel! .....Nigel's zest for all the good things in life shines like a beacon!....Cornwall does have romantic beauty at every turn......Dianne

Mr.D said...

Nigel done up like Poldark?
I can imagine him down at the fancy dress shop.
I saw some of the 1970's series but not the recent one.