Thursday, 22 March 2018

A Room With A View

By day and by night it has to be said that Nigel’s room on the 18th floor of his hotel has quite a view.
……. every time he looks out of the window he says he gets the tingles.
It’s a unique view that he knows he is unlikely to ever experience again.
In the day time it seems business like, with the Times Square and Broadway area of Manhattan lying before him, with the Hudson River in the distance ………
……. and then at night it turns into the most  twinkly, magical wonderland………
…… where he can watch people heading for the aforementioned Times Square, going for meals and queuing round the block for the various theatres.
Sometimes, he says the sheer hugeness of his dream coming true almost gets too much, to be honest, I don’t think, even now, he can actually believes where he really is.


Mr.D said...

The view at night is amazing. The city that never sleeps.

Dianne said...

Large cities really do seem magical and twinkly at night,.....lovely memory for dear Nigel........Love, Dianne