Friday, 9 March 2018

Nigel Just Keeps Us Hanging On

Nigel’s taxi came to pick him up first thing this morning, the excitement that filled The Towers was powerfully tangible and palpable …….
………  and if Darrell and I told Nigel to be careful and that we loved him once, we must have told him a hundred times and now, with him gone, the flat is feels cold and silent.
Darrell and I don’t quite know what to do with ourselves, both lost in imagining where Nigel was at any exact moment, knowing that the next time we hear from him he will be across “the pond” in The Big Apple.IMG_6764
But we have to carry on as normal and chill a little, so Darrell suggested that we crack open one of his special craft beers to toast the little fella while waiting for that first call……….
…….. making sure that Darrell’s phone was never far away ….. IMG_6768


Mr.D said...

Doubtless Nigel is wowing all of the airport staff and, being a friend of AAAA+ lister Hugh, he will be upgraded to first class.

Anonymous said...

Oh this excitement is just toooo much, can't wait to hear all about the Big Apple. JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Craft beer. In a champagne glass? With a cherry??