Monday, 19 March 2018

Nigel – On Top Of The Rock

While Darrell and I have been enjoying the wintery riverside climes of Evesham ……….
……. Nigel has, at last, managed to get to the top of the Rockerfeller Center or Top of The Rock as it is known
He has had to keep putting it off as the inclement weather conditions in New York would have prevented anyone from getting any kind of a view. 
But early yesterday morning on seeing that the sun was finally shining and not a cloud in the sky, Nigel raced over to make sure he would be first in the queue.
It did not disappoint!
aaaaatop of rock4
Nigel beat the crowds and so could really embrace the experience without being jostled for the perfect photo opportunity.
It was truly breath-taking and another goose bumps, hair standing on end experience.
It was soooooooooooooooooooooooo worth the wait.
And, he found that if he looked carefully through the telescope he could even see the people on top of The Empire State Building!  What is he like?
On the first level of the Observation Deck there was a massive crystal geode wall created by Swarovski called “Radiance”, made of six hundred custom glass and crystal panels measuring one hundred and eighty feet wide.
Nigel thought it might be something for Darrell to consider scaling down, if ever he decides to redecorate the hall, or perhaps scale down even  more to create a spectacular and very different decorative panel for behind the bed in their room!  ……….. I think not!
There was also a retail opportunity in what has to be the highest shop Nigel has ever been in, it was a little bit expensive, so Nigel limited himself to just a pencil ……..
…….. to remember a very wonderful morning. 
aaaaatop of rock 2aaaaatop of rock
Father Christmas done good yet again!


Mr.D said...

Oh, what a perfect (half) day.

Well done Father Christmas!

CraftyCoffey said...

Nigel looks to having an amazing time, I hope going to start a photograph album or maybe a scrapbook of his “vacation “??


Dianne said...

So many must see iconic NY buildings; personally love the art deco Chrysler building .....hope you were able to get a peek at Radio City Music Hall......gotta love the the Rockefeller skating rink and the gorgeous Christmas tree there every year......Rockettes shows are so much fun and the Christmas shows are usually televised.....Nigel is now able to say NYC is very much a part of h life experience! .....Love from Dianne