Thursday, 15 March 2018

Meanwhile Back At The Towers ……

While Nigel is embracing the pleasures of The Big Apple, Darrell and I are keeping a watchful eye on the river ………
There may be a whimsical sprinkling blossom on the greengage trees, but me thinks winter is not quite finished with us yet …….
….. because at the moment the path along the river is unable to offer any safe passage into town whatsoever………
…….. due to the water level reaching the bottom four/five steps down from The Towers and all of the fishing platforms have totally disappeared.
The wild, swirling waters could almost be described as romantic if it wasn’t for the chocolate colour and the myriad of objects that come hurtling down at a rate of knots.
The poor ducks look quite bewildered as they are swept along, but at least they can save their feet, as they are not having to do much paddling at the moment!
But, I think we are pretty safe, if the water ever reached The Towers, then I think Evesham would need a man called Noah to fashion an ark of biblical proportions.
But, I think I might ask Tom and The Lovely Laura if they could possibly lend us the old baby bath they have in their garage and a couple of cricket bats to paddle ……… with just in case!


Mr.D said...

Maybe you can get a coracle from Shrewsbury.

Dianne said...

What a lot of water!......Nigel is missing all the fun of watching the ducks and swans floating along......Love, Dianne

Anonymous said...

...or you could always see if that moses basket that was left out in the street a few posts ago is still there, put a bit of tar on the outside and there you go. JantheFan x