Saturday, 10 March 2018

First Contact With Nigel ………

What can I say, except that, much to our relief, we have finally heard from Nigel, who has, happily, made safe passage to New York …….IMG_7398
…….. it was a very emotional moment for both Darrell and I ………
……. the little fella looked so tiny against the Manhattan skyline of his room and he is soooooooooooooo far away from our family bosom, what are we like, we just worry about him!
But Nigel himself was in a buoyant, if not slightly jet lagged form.
He quickly told us that his flight was brilliant, made all the better after finding that he had been given a seat with extra leg room, which meant he could really spread himself out and feel confident enough about his veins to remove his flight socks. The  in-flight entertainment also helped to while away the long flight, as he watched The Devil Wears Prada which reminded him very much of Hugh, Darrell’s best friend and mentor!
He said that he as he arrived late he hadn’t any plans, just a bite to eat then straight to bed with a bit of The Housewives of New York but tomorrow he was going to take a great big bite out of The Big Apple,  which made Darrell laugh saying at least Nigel was keeping to our rigorous five a day regime!  And then …. he said good night …….. and Darrell and I got emotional all over again, Father Christmas has certainly put us through the ringer!!!


Mr.D said...

"The little fella looked so tiny against the Manhattan skyline."

He looks as big as the huge buildings behind him, to me.

Dianne said...

Whew!!!!! hooray; so happy to see Nigel in his hotel room!....New York, New York! sure not to buy any "Rolex" watches if offered; stick to the pizza!....exciting times!....Love you, Dianne

Anonymous said...

I'm smiling! All is good in the world. JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

OOOh, how exciting! It looks like Nigel had some good travelling companions with him as well - just to make sure he didn't flush the loo on the plane and get whooshed out into the skies! Snort :)


Mr.D said...

First contact - sounds like an alien movie.