Saturday, 3 March 2018

Old Habits

These days there is one thing that we used to do at least four times a day in Wolverhampton that we don’t do in Evesham ………
IMG_6720 …… and that’s catch a bus!  To be honest, we are virtual strangers to the buses of Evesham, all except the 18X which goes to Morrisons which we have caught about three times, just to try it out.
Where we need to go, buses don’t venture, so we walk now walk everywhere as our well toned calves can testify! But perhaps, when the weather is a little warmer we should through caution to the wind and return to our roots by getting on a bus just for the fun of it, somewhere romantic and historical like Stratford upon Avon, it could be quite an adventure.


Mr.D said...

A bus to visit the Bard's house? Sounds great!

Alas, poor Nigel! I knew him, Horatio, a fellow of infinite jest?

Dianne said...

Some good memories with bus driver Mr. Collis and his monkey....wonder how they are doing and know Mr. Collis must be remembered by those who rode his adventures await with your bus trip possibilities!....Happy Bus Adventures!.....Love, Dianne