Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Meanwhile ……. Back In Evesham

…….Oh my goodness me, I could hardly believe my eyes, BUT the wicker Moses basket of several weeks back has finally gone ……. and despite my joy, I have to admit to being quite taken aback as I saw the empty space where it had been sat sitting for so many weeks (neigh months)………
…….. I was almost frightened that as it had been left for so long, it may have become rooted to the spot, if you can take root in moss, and become a permanent feature.
IMG_7506I also did a double take to make absolutely sure that it hadn’t just been picked up  and dumped on the allotments, and then snaffled to be used as an unusual plant container, but there was no sign of it  ……. hooray and jubilations!
IMG_7503Word of it’s departure has also travelled across the Atlantic, as Darrell felt its demise was significantly newsworthy enough to WhatsApp Nigel, what is he like?  I also think I feel one of Darrell’s celebratory cocktail coming on  ………. perhaps a Moses Basket Sling or a Last Word?


Mr.D said...

Finally. Hopefully it has been reused, reduced, recycled

Dianne said...

The Moses basket certainly deserves a celebratory send off; hopefully it has found a new and useful life......If it was unsuitable for a baby in it's condition, I admit I did think it might be useful in a garden.....enjoy Darrell's drinks tribute!......Love ya, Dianne