Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Darrell, Always On The Ball

With thanks to Darrell, I think Nigel is all but sorted with all the important minutiae needed for his New York adventure, his passport is up to date, his travel insurance sorted ……….
…….. and his Esta in the bag, ensuring his safe passage into the US and The Big Apple.
Darrell also spent quite a while finding Nigel the very best exchange rate for his pound, going together to pick up Nigel’s dollars from the Co-Op this morning and then carefully dividing them into an envelope for each day, so that Nigel doesn’t blow the whole lot on pizza slices, cream cheese bagels and Statue of Liberty snow domes in the first couple of days.
Darrell’s daily lists of all the other things Nigel needs to do also seem to have come to a halt…….. all that’s really left to do now is for Nigel to pack his case and I have offered to help him with that, once I’ve put his clothes in the wash and an iron to them, I don’t want him to be found wanting in the smartness department when he’s out and about in the Big Apple.


Mr.D said...

New York will love Nigel. They won't want him to leave!

Anonymous said...

Exciting times!!! Cant wait to read all about it! JantheFan x

Dianne said...

The excitement heightens for Nigel and he does need to watch out using his spending money on the endless Statue of Liberty souvenirs everywhere; they are rather like the Eiffel Tower souvenirs in Paris!.....the big Apple awaits!.....Love you much, Dianne