Monday, 5 March 2018

Nigel’s Hunger Pangs

Last night it was a simple pizza for tea and it got Nigel talking about his looming trip to New York and all the things that he’d been “looking up” on YouTube with Darrell.
He said that the very first thing he was going to do as soon as he was ensconced in his hotel was to get himself a New York pizza slice like he’d been drooling over in some the touristy films he’d seen……….
……. he said that in some places they had two hundred different sorts of topping ………..
I just hope that he doesn’t visit such an establishment during a busy time ……
…….. being behind Nigel as he tries to whittle down from two hundred to just one might take some time, and mind changing …… and I don’t want the little fella to be in the centre of an untoward international incident involving seriously hungry New Yorkers during their lunch hour!


Dianne said...

New York is famous for it's pizza even here in the a dedicated lifetime pizza eater, it would be a treat to try it.......have been told it is usually cooked in brick ovens with a blazing wood fire.....not certain Nigel can make his way through a whole piece!......Can't wait to hear about this.......Much love from pizza lover, Dianne

Mr.D said...

Sounds nomtastic. 200 toppings? I am envious. I hope none of them are sweet, such as Nutella. Sweet pizza is just wrong.