Saturday, 17 March 2018

Film Shoots Akimbo Dans New York

Nigel hasn’t helped but notice that there are an awful lot of posters stuck on lamp posts in New York.  Now back in Evesham they would mainly pertain to  missing dogs, missing cats, planning permission or the temporary closure of roads, but in New York they are of a MUCH more spellbinding type nature ………. to wit, film shoots, and that is just beyond toooooooooooo wonderful and exciting.
This poster was for something called “Iconoclast”.  Nigel would have dearly loved to have gone back and casually stood in the background looking unobtrusive and natural in the hope of becoming an “inadvertent” extra, but his schedule, though not written in stone, really doesn’t leave much time to go back to places he’s already been.
Just seeing the poster was really spine tingling enough in itself, stood standing in a “place of filming”, but Nigel was careful to note the name of the film, so that when it eventually comes to screen he can say, a million and one times no doubt, that he was almost there! 


Dianne said...

Exciting for sure had we been able to see Nigel immortalized in a NY film....... I am certain he would have been a standout in the crowd; the camera would love him!......the excitement continues!....Love, Dianne

Pamela said...

Just got back from a few days away. No where as exciting as you, just the NEC in Birmingham! Caught up on all the missed posts and it looks as if Nigel is having a wonderful time.

Mr.D said...

If they caught one look at Nigel, they would have wanted him for a starring role.