Sunday, 25 March 2018

Nigel Finds Foods Of An Exotic American Type Nature!

What is he like?  Nigel just can’t help mooching when it comes to a supermarket shelf, no matter where he is, especially in foreign climes, when even the most mundane and ordinary becomes exotic!
And, it is at these times I have to be very grateful that Nigel is aware that he can’t bring back everything that catches his fancy without having to pay a truly exorbitant amount for excess baggage.
And, while am not to sure about Nigel wanting to fill his suitcase and The Towers cupboards full of Beefaroni, Cheesy Bowls ……….
…..and Grits ……..
……… I have to admit that having a couple of cans of New England Clam Chowder in said cupboards would make me feel a little cosmopolitan ……..  but there again, they would probably remain for show only and go unopened.


Mr.D said...

Beefaroni and Grits don't sound particularly appetising. The New England Chowder sounds more like it.

Dianne said...

ah!....exotic foods probably not on your average British grocery shelf!......never could learn to like grits; they are made from ground corn and for the most part they are found in the US south and often eaten with husband was born in New England so all those foods are still his favourites!......more discovery of the interesting sort for traveler Nigel!.......Love from grit hater, Dianne