Friday, 23 March 2018

Nigel Tackles The New York Subway

Nigel thinks he has finally got to grips with the New York subway after he getting himself an unlimited travel pass, no mean task!
To start with it was a bit hit and miss, but now he says he can almost be called  a professional ………
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…….. it’s just all straight lines, and probably, he thinks, a even bit easier than the London underground …….
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………. just as long as you remember NOT to get on the Express train, he’s not sure why, but he says he’s not going to risk it!
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People are the same the whole world over and eye contact is rarely made, but Nigel is a terrible people watcher and is convinced that the gentleman sitting opposite him (in the above picture) was definitely someone incognito, the flat cap pulled down, the dark glasses, the almost certainly fake moustache plus the mac and newspaper, were all such giveaways, with Nigel almost 100% sure it was really Tom Cruise getting into character for his next film.  What on earth is he like?


Mr.D said...

A new Mission: Impossible film coming up?

Dianne said...

Aha,... brave Nigel! his confidence to tackle the subway!.......don't think I would be that brave; I think the express goes straight through; no stops.....another NYC adventure......Love, Dianne