Thursday, 12 July 2018

A Bit Of Sculptural Culture In Agios Nikolaos

We think we must have done a big circle round Agios Nikolaos during our day there,  until our feet got the better of us and we could walk no further.
IMG_8157 We also know there was an awful lot we missed, but as Nigel said  “…. it’s best to leave a place wanting, knowing there are more pleasures to be had, rather than leave a place and think, well that’s it, we’ve done it”
We walked round the headland to spectacular views and equally spectacular statues depicting Greek Mythology, (Europa and the Bull in the background, behind Nigel)
Sadly, our knowledge of said mythology is lacking, however, it may be something to study up on, dare I say, before our next odyssey ………
…….. especially as we have all resolutely agreed that we will definitely return to Crete next year, we love it so much.
Darrell’s favourite sculpture was the Horn De Amalthea, a symbol of abundance and nourishment, made of green glass and metal, which, when the light shines through at just the right angle must look absolutely stunning.
Agios Nikolaos you done soooooooo good, we loved you and we will be back!


Mr.D said...

What an excellent day!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a wonderful holiday......many happy memories made. JantheFan x