Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Nigel Finds A Greek Treasure

I have to say that Nigel has quite an art for finding the quaint and quirky of a Greek café type nature.
……. and in Agios Nikolaos was no exception ……..
IMG_8152  …… when he found us the Kastro Hotel overlooking Mirabello Bay. Nigel done good, Nigel done very, very good!
The owners were, it has to be said, quite old and very sweet and there was only them running it, but we were greeted like long lost friends. 
Nigel, being Nigel, spotted something on the sweet menu that he had never seen before, so naturally Nigel being Nigel ordered it ……….. and when he went to visit the “facilities” he spotted Nikki, George’s wife, who had been sitting in the back enjoying a bit of Greek tele shuffle off to the kitchen to cook “it”.
…… And when it arrived, fresh from the pan, we were all in seventh heaven, Nigel had ordered loukoumades, Greek honey donuts, OMG, OMG, OMG ……. they are now officially our Greek sweet of choice ….. forever.
There were almost tears as we got up to leave, George and Nikki, their hotel and café were everything we love about Greece, if they had been in Elounda we would have made it our last spot each night, trying all the other sweets on the menu with perhaps a coffee and drinking in the olde worlde charm …….
We even totted up how much a taxi would cost each night, sadly, too much. However we now have a wonderful memory, and who knows, one day we may return to stay for a few days …… something we have we would never do before, our hearts were totally and truly captured.


Mr.D said...

Coming back again? Crete must be wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Crete sounds wonderful........JantheFan x